Finished at School
Self-Audit Tool
Alison O'Brien
"This self–audit tool is based on the key learning points from the Finished at School Programme
(FaS Programme). It has been designed to support providers and practitioners to evaluate current
practice, identify areas for further development and, drawing on the contents of the Finished at
School guide, plan actions to improve preparation for adulthood for young people with autism.
The self–audit tool should support your organisation to identify and remove barriers that learners
with autism may encounter when moving from school to college. It should help you to identify
staff training needs, plan organisational development, identify and improve partnerships,
consider adaptations and build relationships with parents/carers and young people with autism.
It is hoped that using the self–audit tool in combination with the guide will help your organisation
to develop effective practice that will support young people with autism to achieve their potential."
Ambitious about Autism (formerly TreeHouse) is a charity for children and young people with autism in the United Kingdom. According to its website, "[o]ur vision is to make the ordinary possible for children and young people with autism and our mission is to help them to learn, thrive and achieve."
Post Secondary
Ambitious about Autism
3/8/2024 2:09 PM EST