What is Good Practice in Autism Education?
Tony Charman; Liz Pellicano; Linda V. Peacey; Nick Peacey; Kristel Forward; Julie Dockrell
This online article aims to identify aspects of good practice in educating children with autism. The authors of the article interviewed staff at a number of schools and identified eight themes: ambitions and aspirations for students, progress monitoring, curriculum adaptations, involvement of other professionals, staff knowledge and training, effective communication, broader participation, and relationships with families.

The Autism Education Trust (AET) is a partnership of organizations in the United Kingdom which aim to "improve the education of children and young people with autism." [Website]

"The Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE) is a partnership between the UCL Institute of Education, the leading centre for education and social research in the UK, and Ambitious about Autism, the national charity for autistic children and young people... Our mission is to help enhance the lives of autistic people and their families." [Website]
Professional Development
Autism Education Trust
12/30/2022 7:37 PM EST