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Recreational Activity
Led by a Recreation Therapist and Registered Occupational Therapist, these 50-minute sessions will include (but is not limited to): various games of tag, soccer skills, and exploring playground equipment to improve sensory functioning.

The group will focus on social skills (eye contact, turn taking, sharing, practicing waiting, building relationships, and more) while also improving physical health (strength, balance, coordination, endurance) and cognition (executive functioning). This group will utilize the principles of Social Thinking and situational awareness (reading the room) and perspective taking.
Services Offered:
Occupational Therapist|Behavior Interventionist|Social Skills Trainer|Cognitive Behavior Therapist|Recreation for Children|Recreation for Adults
Type of Recreation:
Community Recreation
Spring (March to May)|Summer (June to August)|Fall (September to November)|Winter (December to February)
Recreation, Fitness, Leisure|Social Skills