PEERS & Social Skills Programs, The Listening Program, The Movement Program, Fast ForWord
West Coast Centre for Learning
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West Coast Centre for Learning is a Certified Provider for Fast ForWord, The ListeningProgram, The Movement Program & Cogmed
PEERS, SEL & Cognitive Fitness Certified Trainers/Coaches
CEO/Founder - Bed, MEd, Level B Assessment Certified
West Coast Centre for Learning is a premium multi-disciplinary education services facility consisting of Education Professionals from the Academic and Scientific community. We provide non-invasive and drug free solutions through proven, research based programs supported by our professional coaches. [Website]
Westcoast Centre for Learning offers the following programs to help children, teens and young adults overcome challenges with Executive Functioning Skills & Social Skills:

PEERS for is an evidence-based social skills intervention for motivated children, teens & young adults who are interested in learning new ways of making and keeping friends. This internationally acclaimed program, used in over 35 countries, was originally developed at UCLA by Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson. During each group session, participants are taught important social skills and are given the opportunity to practice these skills in session during socialization activities. Parent participation is required and for the young adults course a social mentor is required.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Ages 5-7 years
Using the concepts of Michelle Garcia-Winners’ evidence-based Social Thinking curriculum, sessions focus on helping children build foundational social competencies and essential life skills through stories, lessons, and play activities. The sessions help kids better understand themselves and others, develop self-awareness, perspective taking, social problem solving, and support students’ social-emotional learning, relationship building, classroom learning, and academic performance. Sessions focus on introducing and developing language and vocabulary consistently used within Social Thinking teaching and curriculum: learning about thoughts and feelings, following the group plan, thinking with your eyes, keeping your body in the group, and whole body listening. The last 15 minutes of each session, parents will join for a briefing.

Cogmed, The Listening Program and The Movement Program are additional cognitive therapies to target the area of executive function. Use of these programs is determined on an individual basis through consultation.
Services Offered:
Cognitive Behavior Therapist|Social Skills Trainer
Executive Function|Social Engagement
Age Range:
School Age (5-18) | Youth & Young Adults (13-25)