Counselling Services for Parents/Family Members of Children with Autism
Lianne Naguiat, Registered Clinical Counsellor
Service Provider
MA - Counselling Psychology Candidate
To provide extensive and affordable support for individuals, couples, and families with issues including but not limited to parenting difficulties, depression, trauma, premarital and marital relationships, cultural transitions, social anxiety, family dysfunctions, loss and grief, and other life transitions and challenges.
By using principles and techniques from research-based approaches including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Solution-focused Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis, Positive Psychology, and Client-Centred Approaches, Lianne Naguiat ensures to deliver an empathic, genuine, and unconditional support that puts the client’s needs first, whatever the client’s concerns may be.
Lianne Naguiat is supervised by Kathryn Theroux, Registered Clinical Counsellor and Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Sessions are available from Monday to Friday, 4:30 pm - 8:30 pm by appointment, at $20/hour (Rate is flexible depending on financial need.)
Services Offered:
Cognitive Behavior Therapist|Community Group
Family Life|Mental Health
Age Range:
All Ages (0-100)