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Registered Occupational Therapists
Our vision at Therapy Hub is to provide all children and youth, no matter the difficulties, with the tools to participate actively in their communities, school, and play. We strive to support children to grow and develop in a safe, therapeutic environment that enriches their lives. Through supportive occupational therapy services, our goal is to make children and their families feel safe and empowered. [Website]
Therapy Hub provides evidence based therapy through fun and play to help all children grow and develop. Currently, Therapy Hub only offers occupational therapy services.

The occupational therapists are able to provide the following:

- a full standardizes occupational therapy assessment
- an observation, sensory based assessment
- direct one to one client intervention
- parent coaching and education
- consultation via phone or tele-OT services

Services for in person/in clinic as well as via an online platform, T-OTS.
Services Offered:
Occupational Therapist
Therapies|Sensory Issues
Age Range:
Pre-School Age (0-5) | School Age (5-18)