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Children's Autism Services of British Columbia
Service Provider
Consultant Team includes:
Speech Language Pathologists
Occupational Therapists
Behaviour Consultants
Education Consultants
Primary Consultants (Interventionists)
Children’s Autism Services of British Columbia aims to support families and children in their communities by moving from a behaviour approach to a more developmentally grounded, respectful approach to support that prioritizes relationships and trust. [Website]
Using the SCERTS model to guide programming, consultants work with families to target developmental goals through a social communication and emotional regulation framework in home, school and community settings.
A primary consultant works with the family to target meaningful, individualized goals to target development in areas including communication, engagement, regulation, sensory processing, self-help skills and educational needs.
Services Offered:
Behavior Consultant|Behavior Interventionist|Educational Support|Occupational Therapist|Social Skills Trainer|Speech Therapist
Therapies|Behaviour Support
Age Range:
All Ages (0-100)