Music Therapy
Creative Connections Music Therapy
Service Provider
Bachelor of Music Therapy Degree
Certified Music Therapist (Accredited)
Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT)
Providing a client- centred fun and engaging method of helping kids meet their academic, communication, social and emotional goals.
Creative Connections Music Therapy provides early ages music classes, adapted music lessons, music therapy and community programs.

Goals and objectives are assessed for each individual according to their strengths and which areas need strengthening. Some examples of goals music can address are:

- Eye Contact
- Joint attention
- Sensory Integration
- Fine and gross motor control
- Verbal non-verbal and picture exchange communication
- Social awareness and skills
- Self regulation
- Relaxation and calm-down strategies
- Impulse control

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Services Offered:
Music Therapist
Therapies|Sensory Issues
Age Range:
Pre-School Age (0-5) | School Age (5-18) | Youth & Young Adults (13-25)