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Social Dynamics Therapy Services Inc.
Service Provider
The Speech Pathologists at Social Dynamics are members of the Registry Autism Service Providers (RASP), licensed by and registered at the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of B.C.
"Our aim is to work with people to improve their ability to communicate. We use a client-centred approach, and we work with a broad range of age groups, from children to young adults. We are a firm believer in using evidence-based therapy techniques and engaging in real-life activities to foster language development." [Website]
Social Dynamics provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to clients in Vancouver. Services provided in the areas of: Language Expression and Comprehension, Articulation & Speech Sounds, Social Communication, AAC, Executive Functioning, Emotional/Co-Regulation, Fluency & Stuttering, Reading/Dyslexia and so on.

Their primary clinical interest includes working with preschool, school-age children, teenagers and young adults with a focus on the social use of language (pragmatics/discourse), narratives and nonfiction texts, language processing, expressive/receptive language delays, executive functioning and alternative and augmentative communication (AAC). Providers are trained in the Advanced Training for "Collaborative & Proactive Solutions" (CPS) Model by Ross Greene. The CPS model is recognized as an empirically-supported, evidence-based treatment that enables individuals to be successful using a non-punitive, non-adversarial, and trauma-responsive approach.

Support are provided at school, in the home and via tele-therapy. Contact Social Dynamics for more information.
Services Offered:
Social Skills Trainer|Speech Therapist
English | Chinese
Tools & Technologies|Therapies|Social Engagement|School-Age|Executive Function|Early Years|Co-Occurring Conditions|Autistic Adults
Age Range:
All Ages (0-100)