Early Childhood Intervention, Social Skills Groups & Academic Support
Social Butterflies Activities and Learning Ltd.
Service Provider
Registered Autism Service Providers (RASP)
Board-Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA)
Behavioural Consultants (BC)
Behaviour Interventionists (BI)
Social Butterflies Activities and Learning Ltd. provides client/family centered, individualized, ethical and evidence-based services to assist those with Autism or other developmental disabilities in reaching their full potential. Their team of supportive, caring and qualified professionals take the time to learn about the unique needs, interests and personality of each child.
Programs offered include:
• Early childhood intervention (3-5)
• One-on-one intervention (3-18)
• Behaviour Consultation
• Peer play sessions
• After school, social skills groups
• Spring, summer, and winter day camps
• Life skills training
• Parent training
• Academic support
• Home school support services
• School-aged education programs

Skill areas:
• Communication and Language
• Challenging behaviours
• Feeding Interventions
• Social skills
• Self-care (including sleep and toilet training)
• Motor skills
• Learning and academics

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Services Offered:
Art Therapist|Behavior Consultant|Behavior Interventionist|Cognitive Behavior Therapist|Educational Support|Play Therapist|Recreation for Children|Social Skills Trainer
School-Age|Early Years|Therapies|Social Engagement|Behaviour Support
Age Range:
Pre-School Age (0-5) | School Age (5-18)