Free, Accessible Sexual Health Education
Real Talk
Community Agency
"Real Talk’s work aims to be an affirmation that all people have a sexuality. Adults with cognitive disabilities are experiencing their own sexuality, but may not be getting information or acknowledgement about this experience. Open communication about sex and relationships improves interpersonal skills, increases the chances of positive romantic relationships for those who want them, and reduces the risk of STIs and sexual abuse." [Website]
Real Talk is a sexual health initiative aimed at people living with cognitive disabilities. Their website hosts a wide variety of free sex education resources, including a video library of frequently asked questions and information on topics such as consent, dating, safe sex and sexuality identity. They also host "Real Talk Events", which act as safe spaces to ask questions about sex to Certified Sexual Health Educators and other participants.

The initative is funded by a federal grant from the Public Health Agency of Canada and operated by Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion, posAbilities, and Kinsight.
Services Offered:
Social Skills Trainer|Support Group
Sexuality & Gender|Autistic Adults
Age Range:
Youth & Young Adults (13-25) | Adulthood (19+)