Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
East Van Behavior Analysis
Service Provider
Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA)
"EVBA provides contemporary behavioral intervention and counselling to neurodiverse youth, young adults, and their families. We support the inclusion of disabled people in their local schools, communities, and workplaces."
From website:
"EVBA practitioners implement therapy based on the principles of ABA in keeping with our clients' values and goals. We are committed to working with under-served populations, teaching and connecting with families, students, and community groups, and mentoring young professionals.
EVBA provides home-based ABA services, consultation to staffed resources and ABA teaching homes, school consultation, job coaching, staff training, individual and couples counselling, graduate student and peer supervision, and professional development.
EVBA is a teaching practice in which senior BCBAs supervise behaviour analysts in training. These trainees are graduate and undergraduate students pursuing advanced degrees in Applied Behavior Analysis and eventual certification. Our interns perform some of the assessment, intervention, and consultation with each family under our close supervision. Depending on the duration of intervention, clients may work with one or more interns and a single supervising BCBA."
Services Offered:
Behavior Consultant
Behaviour Support
Age Range:
All Ages (0-100)