Personal Fitness Training and Behavior Intervention
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We provide personalized fitness programs for youth and young adults with special needs.
Our certified personal trainers are passionate about working to help youth and young adults with special needs to personally succeed and provide opportunities to enhance health, social interaction and recreation. We work with your child or young adult and instruct them in fitness programs that are respectful of their challenges and tailored to their needs, as defined by you. To maximize your child’s potential to succeed we also carry out prescribed programs from each client's intervention team and work with your physiotherapists, occupational therapists, behavioural consultants, speech and language pathologists, school teachers, skill development and other members of the intervention team.
We are familiar with ABA, Relationship Development Intervention, Augmentative communication and the structure of an intervention team. We can work with your behavioural consultant, SLP, OT or physiotherapist to design a personalized fitness program for your child or young adult (12 years of age and up) and provide them with the appropriate support and teaching methods as suggested by their intervention team such that they complete these programs safely and effectively. In addition to the physical fitness and health benefits that participants achieve, their acquisition of new skills in a new community setting through a guided approach will further help them to adapt to conventional recreation facilities, add to their social skill set and independence.

Training sessions will incorporate
- one-on-one fitness mentoring with a focus on aerobic and resistance circuit training.
- direction from your intervention team
- the use of video modeling if required
- the use of augmentative communication methods such as iPad and/or visuals if required

Goals of the Personalized Fitness Program:
- cardio fitness
- resistance training & stretching
- safe use of gym equipment and exercise machines
- gym etiquette
- self agency and efficacy
- enhanced self regulation awareness
Services Offered:
Behavior Interventionist|Recreation for Adults|Recreation for Children
Health|Recreation, Fitness, Leisure
Age Range:
All Ages (0-100)