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Accredited Music Therapist
We provide a mix of ukulele lessons and music therapy to children of all abilities, via telehealth.
An accredited music therapist will meet your child virtually in the comfort of your home. Together, they will learn the ins and outs of the ukulele, the basics of music, song creation, and other musical skills in a supportive and therapeutic environment. Our aim is to empower young people through music and to lead them down a path of self-confidence in their own creativity. It is our highest value that while learning ukulele, students feel comfortable, safe, and able to express themselves authentically. Children of all abilities are welcome.

We provide a light hearted atmosphere of enjoyment, confidence, expression, and growth. We meet students wherever they are at and provide a personalized curriculum. In our sessions students will not only learn to play ukulele, but will also take part in other musical activities which aid in developing healthy emotional and creative expression, confidence, fine and gross motor skills, and many other personal and therapeutic goals.
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Music Therapist
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