PALS Adult Program
PALS Autism Society
Postsecondary Training & Employment
"Our vision is to be a model learning environment that supports the needs of individuals with autism. Our mission is to provide year round scientifically validated educational programs designed to encourage individual growth and personal achievement." [Website]
From the website:
"PALS Adults Services Society (PASS) provides an innovative daily program and independent housing for adults with autism spectrum disorder. Our autism-specific, development-based solutions for members at PASS ensure that they can live vibrant, meaningful lives. Our approach is rooted in a continuum of training, community participation, employment and independent housing opportunities."

PALS has three adult programs: PASS Daily (training and development), PASS Housing (long-term living solutions) and PASS Marketplace (supported employment training)
Professional Development|Employment|Autistic Adults|Adults With ASD
Age Range:
Adulthood (19+)