Supportive Counselling and Action Planning
Unique Excellence Neurodiversity Support Services
Service Provider
Master of Education, BA in Psychology, Social Service Worker Certificate
Unique Excellence provides children, adults and families of all ages and stages of their neurodiversity journey with supportive counselling by helping them create a plan of action that works for them. They offer clients supportive counselling and action planning services pertaining to their goals, providing clients with resources, referrals, and advocacy while they navigate the social, emotional and sensory demands of life with neurodiversity.
Unique Excellence takes a strengths-based and social learning approach to counselling. When action planning, resources are drawn from the community in which client's reside and sources-out affordable supports in providing clients with wrap-around-care. After a session, clients receive an action plan document with clear and easy-to-navigate "next steps" in their journey, which includes all the information and resources discussed during their session.

The owner and operator of Unique Excellence is an educated Autistic female with many years experience working in the field of social services. Unique Excellence is the neurodiverse community, supporting the neurodiverse community, and advocates for the representation of autistic people in the field of social services.
Age Range:
All Ages (0-100) | Adulthood (19+)