Behaviour Consultation
Erika Ng, BCBA
Service Provider
BACB Certificate # 1-19-35800
Providing families with person-centered behaviour analytic services that promote positive behaviour changes for the client and those closest to them. Erika provides services through a parent-coaching model to support families in having what they need to promote positive behavioural change for their child.
Certified dually as a BCBA and BC Teacher, Erika is passionate about seeing young people be successfully included in their community through effective positive behaviour support, based in the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

Coaches family members, caregivers and others working closely with an individual. Enjoys working closely with both the client and their caregivers. Certified PEERS Instructor and trained to deliver PEERS via telehealth.

Serve clients between the ages of 6-18. Client-centred behavioural health consultation services founded on the premise that one's environment affects one's behaviour. All positive behaviour support plans are based on a coaching model to support the adults that are in the daily life of the child/young person. This capacity-building approach allows for sustainable behaviour change as families are equipped with the skills they need to not only foster positive behaviour but maintain it.

Provides free 30-minute information session for families as an opportunity for them to meet. No personal information will be gathered at this time, nor is there any obligation to initiate services after this meeting. The purpose of this information session is simply to get to know Erika, her services and ask any questions. 

For more information, contact Erika or visit her website.
Services Offered:
Behavior Consultant|Social Skills Trainer
Social Engagement|Behaviour Support
Age Range:
School Age (5-18) | Youth & Young Adults (13-25) | Adulthood (19+)