Adaptive Adventure- Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Snowshoeing and Zumba Fitness
Power For All Adventure Therapy Society
Recreational Activity
Through our programs, we provide outdoor adventure experiences to people of all ages and abilities. We place special emphasis on those residents of our community with cognitive, emotional, social, physical and economic challenges. We are guided by a philosophy where a supportive environment and a therapeutic lens is essential to encourage personal development, education and leadership in our clients. We succeed in sharing and making the outdoors a viable therapy for all who need it.
Adaptive Paddling and Sensory Camps operate once per week, for 4 weeks in July and again in August. Two more camps operate for 4 Saturdays in September and 4 in October.
Services Offered:
Occupational Therapist|Recreation for Children|Recreation for Adults
Recreation, Fitness, Leisure|Sensory Issues