Mayday Club Youth Choir
Recreational Activity
"Our hope for the kids in our programs is that they grow up into strong adults, never knowing what it feels like to ‘not fit in’, or to not feel like they are good enough. It is our goal to create an environment where they feel valued, respected, important, and worthy, in the hopes that they will never be satisfied being treated as any less than this, later on in life." [Website]
The Mayday Club Youth Choir is an inclusive rock music team made up of children, youth, and young adults with and without autism. The choir program allows for members to make friends with like-minded individuals while building confidence, gaining memorable experiences, and being mentored by young adults who face similar obstacles to their own. The choir also provides volunteer hours to counselling and psychology students, and to young adults on the autism spectrum. The choir performs regularly for audiences throughout BC, to teach them about acceptance and diversity.
Services Offered:
Recreation for Children|Recreation for Adults
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Arts & Music
Spring (March to May)|Summer (June to August)|Fall (September to November)|Winter (December to February)
Advocacy|Recreation, Fitness, Leisure