Workplace Psychological Health Program
Spectrum Works Consulting Group
Postsecondary Training & Employment
"Spectrum Works brings together a highly trained team of professionals with considerable experience supporting individuals with ASD over the lifespan." [Website]
"We know that adults with autism spectrum disorders have unique skills to offer and capacity to succeed in higher education. Our mandate is to support mental health, reduce unemployment and increase post-secondary attendance and success among this group of capable and talented individuals." [Website]
Spectrum Works Consulting group provides individualized employment support for individuals on the spectrum and training/support for employers. Their team of professionals includes Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists, Employment Lawyers, Job Coaches and Management Consultants.

The Workplace Psychological Health Program includes:
- Workplace Professional Readiness: Training in psychological health and neurodiversity for employers.
- Workplace Inclusion Readiness: For human resources specialists and managers who need help identifying bias in existing recruiting and onboarding processes to ensure all employees are set up for success
- Consultation: To help employers understand the unique benefits of neurodiversity in the workplace.
- Employee Assistance Program: To help employers create tailored programs and mental health supports for employees on the spectrum.
Adults With ASD|Employment
Age Range:
Adulthood (19+)