Marlene Lewis, Speech-Language Pathologist
ACCESS Speech-Language Services
Service Provider
Registry of Autism Service Providers
BC Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists
Certified provider of the Lidcombe Program
Every child is different and we take a systematic approach to work to assessing their needs. We work closely with the parent or care-giver to create a customized program based on assessment. [Website]
ACCESS Speech-Language Services helps children with dyslexia by using evidence-based programs to bring slow readers up to speed and to improve a child’s ability to learn.

Programs utlized include: FastForward, a series of online computer programs designed by neuroscientists to improve reading, learning and language skills; Reading Assistant Plus, online reading tool that uses speech recognition to correct and support students as they read aloud; and Nervanix Insight, a program which visually prompts a user as attention declines and uses bio-feedback technology.
Services Offered:
Speech Therapist|Diagnosis
Social Skills|Therapies
Age Range:
Pre-School Age (0-5) | School Age (5-18)