The Square Peg Society
Community Agency
We are a volunteer non-profit society supporting atypical, Asperger's, and ASD young adults and their families. Our goal is independence for our supported adults; therefore we focus on issues key to achieving this goal: Employment, Post-Secondary Education, Housing, Finances, and Life & Social skills.
Square Peg Society fosters independence and inclusion through meetings, programs, and events, emphasizing personal growth, social engagement, and support for adults with ASD. They focus on post-secondary education, employment, housing, mental health, and life skills, offering workshops, fun events, and emotional support. Founded in 2014, they advocate for policy changes, alliances with service providers, and social connections to promote purposeful living and happiness for individuals and families in the ASD community.
Services Offered:
Community Group
Mental Health|Employment|General|Autistic Adults|Advocacy