Mobile Counselling & Parent Support Services
The Holding Space: Virtual & Mobile Counselling & Parent Support Services
Service Provider
Registered Social Worker #13997
I am a Registered Social Worker with first-hand experience as a mother in a neurodiverse family. I know the emotional toll, sleepless nights, necessary and seemingly impossible task of advocacy, and the often unrecognized and unleashed potential within all children. If given the chance, understanding, and proper supports, these children have so much to offer our world.

If you're needing support or guidance that is strengths- and evidence-based, and attachment and trauma-informed, I offer in-home, phone, and community-based support within the Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver area, and beyond.

My aim is to extend your village, to help infuse families with hope, and to facilitate positive relationships.
I advocate for the recognition and celebration of human diversity, and embrace the mutual process of learning that is inherent in the parent/carer-child relationship.

I support parents of young children in:
- Navigating the transition to parenthood
- Developing nonviolent, compassionate, and evidence-based parenting and care-giving skills
- Questioning a child's development and preparing for, undergoing, and following developmental assessments
- Understanding and working with differently-wired kids (i.e., Asperger's, Autism, PDA, ADHD, 2E, Giftedness, ODD, anxiety, etc.)
- Understanding and working with sensory differences and challenges
- Understanding the impacts of environmental arrangements on child development and engagement
Services Offered:
Behavior Consultant|Behavior Interventionist|Community Group
Family Life|Therapies
Age Range:
All Ages (0-100)