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"The goal of Connect Developmental Occupational Therapy Services (D.O.T.S.) is to enable children and teens to learn the skills needed to participate in activities of daily living through a supportive learning environment. Connect D.O.T.S. works together with parents, schools and other health professionals to connect the dots of therapy and provide a team approach to treatment." [Website]
"Connect D.O.T.S. (Developmental Occupational Therapist Services) is a client and family centered occupational therapy service specializing in treatment for children ages 2-18 years and serving Metro Vancouver and surrounding areas. We provide an individualized treatment plan that is implemented through consulting services, direct one-to-one therapy or group therapies for children and teens.

Connect D.O.T.S. specializes in working with children with a variety of disabilities and those with challenges in areas of :
- Fine & Gross Motor Skills
- Life Skills (play, toileting, dressing, bathing, feeding, community participation, independence)
- Sensory Regulation

Group services that are offered include: social skills training, sensory/self-regulation groups, life skills, feeding therapy, printing groups, and motor skills groups." [Description provided by Service Provider]
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Occupational Therapist
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