PRIYD - Providing Resources and Independence for Youth Development.
Family Services of Greater Vancouver PRIYD Program
Service Provider
"Program Goals:
The PRIYD Program works to enhance the functional life skills of its clients such as: social skills; communication; community safety; community connections and awareness; confidence/self-esteem; transit skills and money skills.
Whom Does the Program Serve?
The PRIYD Program serves:
1. Children and youth aged 6 to 18 who are diagnosed with a special need and referred to our program by MCFD – CYSN teams.
2. Children and youth from birth to 18 who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and whose family or guardian would like to utilize the Autism funding to purchase a Behavioural Interventionist through the PRIYD Program.
3. Children aged 6 to 12 who are referred to our program through the Family Preservation and Reunification program. " [Program Manager]
"The program staff; Integration Support Workers, will support children in a One to One, or Group capacity typically once per week for a 4 hour (3 hour for Autism funding) session. The support is goal focused and intended to facilitate opportunities in the community that provide the child or youth a chance to practice Life Skills for Independence as they occur in their natural environments. As the support is community-based, the One to One Integration Support Worker will meet the client in their home and then access their local communities from there. Groups meet in the community typically at or near an agreed upon Skytrain Station." [Program Manager]
Services Offered:
Behavior Interventionist|Recreation for Children
Autism Spectrum Disorders|Social Skills