Counselling, Arts Therapy, Behavioural Consultant
Christine Michailides
Service Provider
Registered Therapeutic Counselling #2558
Social-emotional counselling, expressive arts therapy, social groups, RDI behavioural consulting for children between 3 and 12 and their families.
Christine is a Counsellor with specialization in Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) Behavioural Consulting and Expressive Arts Therapy. In addition, she has training and experience in multiple forms of behavioural interventions and managements.

She has extensive experience working with children struggling with social-emotional challenges. Most importantly, she has experiences working on these issues with children who have neurological differences. This also includes children with non-verbal autism or intellectual disability. She has improved the quality of life for her clients and empower them to grow in authentic and meaningful ways.

In addition to individual therapy work, Christine works collaboratively with the ASD and LGBTQ2+ communities by offering free group sessions and expressive arts opportunities. Many schools and public organizations have regularly sought out Christine for class and family consultations.
Services Offered:
Behavior Consultant|Art Therapist|Play Therapist|Social Skills Trainer|Recreation for Children
English, Mandarin
Autism Spectrum Disorders|Mental Health
Age Range:
All Ages (0-100)