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"Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society is dedicated to turning loneliness into learning through the creation and delivery of programs that foster inclusion and celebrate diversity for children aged 4 to 10." [Homepage].
Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society aims to mitigate loneliness in children who have experienced peer neglect, rejection, and bullying, with the goal of improving their learning. Friend 2 Friend’s current focus is offering online training for educators and caregivers.

Training courses for educators are the Demystifying the Classroom Program and the Autism Demystification® Online Course, aimed at educators of children aged 3-11. These courses adhere to BC curriculum standards for Social and Emotional Learning and aim to equip educators with skills to support and include all children in their classroom.

The Early Childhood and the Autism Spectrum Online Course aims to equip parents and Early Childhood Educators with a better understanding of the autistic children they care for, allowing them to support children aged 3-7 in play and social interactions.
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