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Royal Soccer Club
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"We believe it is important to promote a healthy, active lifestyle in our youth and children. Part of a healthy, active lifestyle is participating in activities that keep children moving and engaged. Our amazing programs incorporate warm up games, individual skill development, team building activities and mini ‘Royal Cups’. Campers will get to play many active games throughout the week. We believe it’s important to create a lifelong habit of staying active and healthy." [Website]
The Royal Soccer Club offers half-day and full-day soccer camps, which focus on warm up games and activities, individual skill development, team building exercises and mini-world cups. The program for the camps vary from week to week. The campers are divided into groups and coached by age, size and ability.

The policies section of the website states that Royal City Soccer Club is "committed to providing accessible services that allow persons with disabilities to participate in camp activities wherever possible." Contact the organization to ask about specific programs and supports.
Type of Recreation:
Sports & Gymnastics
Summer (June to August)
Recreation, Fitness, Leisure