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Southlands Heritage Farm
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Pony and Farm Camps
Southlands Heritage Farm offers spring break and summer camps. Campers will learn skills and training in caring for animals, germinating seeds and growing, harvesting and preparing seasonal foods. Campers will also take part in farming activities, such as wild-crafting and hands-on experiments.
Pony campers develop riding skills, learn how to read a horse’s body language, and care for their horse.
Farm camp is a chance for kids to unplug and connect with nature. Each farm camp has a different theme, and depending on the week we will prune, harvest, feed the chickens, visit the goats, tame the sheep, check on the bees, chop wood, build a fire, make pottery out of clay dug from the ground, fish for frogs in the ditches, study bugs, dirt or fish with microscopes, and more. [Website]
The website does not state if there are programs/services geared toward individuals with developmental disabilities. Contact the organization to ask about specific programs and supports.
Type of Recreation:
Spring (March to May)|Summer (June to August)
Recreation, Fitness, Leisure