Executive Skills Support for Diverse Learners
Organized Minds
Service Provider
A life time as a person with ADHD and dyslexia, 10+ years working in education, and a BA from UBC.
"Organized Minds empowers individuals that experience ADHD, struggle with executive functioning, or identify as gifted and learning disabled. If this describes you or your child, we can help. We provide services to elementary students, high school students, and university students." [Website]
Organized Minds works with students and adults who struggle to start and plan tasks with weekly, one-hour Executive Skills coaching sessions. Tutors and coaches teach students how to break big tasks into manageable steps, make time estimations, and track this information into a calendar or agenda. The plans are then reviewed the following week for accountability. They also assist with tasks such as organizing binders and bags to help locate important items and work more efficiently.

Services also include a Digital Study Space for students in Grade 6 to 12, where students can sign up for one-hour weekend slots for support to execute their workplans, and support with essay writing and note taking for post secondary students. See the website for more information.
Services Offered:
Educational Support
Executive Functioning
Age Range:
All Ages (0-100)