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Crafty School of Art for Kids and Crafty Adults
Recreational Activity
"The Crafty Philosophy is based on the DIY movement. We think that teaching kids how to create objects out of materials that come out of the earth creates a deep connection for them. The act of thinking something through from beginning to end while keeping the limits of the medium in mind is a complex thing, and we know that kids can do it. Children feel such a sense of accomplishment when their ideas materialize." [Website]
Art studio offering after school program including felt-making, ceramics, sewing, printmaking and painting on a variety of canvases. Crafty School of Art also offers spring break and summer camps.

The website does not state if there are programs/services geared toward individuals with developmental disability. Contact the organization to ask about specific programs and supports.
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Arts & Music
Spring (March to May)|Summer (June to August)|Fall (September to November)|Winter (December to February)
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