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"Our Mission is to enrich the lives of families with autism and other developmental disabilities by providing the support required for family bonding, stress relief opportunities, reducing disability travel related barriers, and increasing public empathy through our financial assistance programs that help provide community support systems, travel subsidies, professional staffing services, quality of life research, and professional consultation and training to the travel industry." [Website]
Autism on the Seas will "provide Cruises with our Staff (selected from regular cruises throughout the year) that assist adults and families in accommodating the typical cruise services, as well as providing specialized Respite and Private Activities/Sessions that allow our guests the use of the ships entertainment venues in an accommodated and assisted manner. Our professional Staff (educated, experienced, background checked and sanctioned by the cruise lines) accompanies you on your cruise to provide these amazing vacation and travel experiences onboard Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Disney and Carnival Cruise Lines. We also provide a "Cruise Assistance Package" (Cruises without our Staff) on all of the major Cruise Lines to help accommodate guests who wish to cruise on their own." [Website]

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