Community Classrooms
Pivot Point Learning Centers
Community Agency
Pivot Point provides a wide range of educational services to students from pre-school through post-secondary & University. Our approach emphasizes a positive, systematic way of inspiring and supporting learning, not just “teaching”, as we believe that students with Diverse Abilities often require alternate approaches to help them reach their full academic potential. We make learning fun again
As an alternative to public schools, large brick and mortar independent schools, and traditional homeschooling, Pivot Point’s Community Classrooms create a safe and effective Distributed Learning space for students throughout the school year. Our very small class sizes optimize one-to-one and small group teaching opportunities allowing focus on critical skills such as literacy, numeracy, and communication. Carefully crafted classroom environments, learning materials, and curriculum promote each child’s academic learning potential while also allowing students to develop self-regulation, social, and practical life skills.
Our dedicated teaching staff are trained to support students with ASD, FASD, and other learning and behaviour challenges by working alongside each student to help them meet the Prescribed Learning Outcomes of BC’s Ministry of Education with adaptation or modifications where needed. Learning is tailored to each student’s interests helping to make learning fun and successful.
Services Offered:
Behavior Consultant|Behavior Interventionist|Occupational Therapist|Preschool|Recreation for Children|Social Skills Trainer|Speech Therapist
Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)|Education
Age Range:
School Age (5-18)