The Centre for Child Development
Community Agency
"We facilitate work with community leaders to solve the issues facing children and families. We do so with integrity, caring and compassion. We consistently challenge ourselves to improve upon best practices and lead our field. We know it takes unique solutions to meet unique needs, and the unique children we serve motivate us to do better every single day." [Website]
The Centre for Child Development offers a number of services including communication therapy, family services, medical referrals and assessments, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, supported child care, integrated preschools, psychology services, and recreation therapy. These services are provided in the Centre, in family homes and through consultation at child care centres and schools.
Services Offered:
Speech Therapist|Occupational Therapist|Behavior Interventionist|Physical Therapist|Play Therapist|Social Skills Trainer|Recreation for Children|Preschool|Daycare|Diagnosis
Family Life|Government Resources